Community Voices

"As a third generation Santa Barbaran, I feel a loss of community because I can’t afford to live in the place I love and want to serve."- Santa Barbara School District Employee

"Our scientists and engineers can no longer afford to live here. Staff turnover in most companies in town is increasing at an alarming rate. This isn’t just sad, it’s the beginning of the end for a key component of our economy." - Local Company CEO

"I see my officers paying an increasing personal cost – to them and their families – with the long commutes, and I’m really concerned how that will impact us in the future. We really need to build attainable workforce housing here on the South Coast." - Police Chief

"One of the most troubling aspects of the shortage of housing affordable to working people is the uncertainty it introduces into our daily lives. There’s a constant question whether or not our family can stay here." - Local College Employee

"Of the more than 2,600 employees at Cottage Hospital, over 1,000 don’t have homes here. At times it feels as though some people are saying, “I’ve got mine, go someplace else to get yours." - Cottage Health System Employee

“My resignation is a result of a desire to move my family out of this area, whether the ability to own our house is not conditioned with the stress and expense of a two-hour commute.” - Engineer and School Teacher

“I believe that this closure will have a greater impact on our ability to attract and retain employees from Ventura County. We have had several Ventura County employees tell us that they will most likely look for employment closer to home due to increased traffic, road closures, inability to get to work and being cut off from loved ones.” - Human Resources Manager from a Local Business

“ We have already lost over 1/3 of our local head count due to the housing issue and more are on the way. I don’t think technology companies have a good chance of surviving this, let alone prospering.” - Manager from a Local Technology Company