Residential Project Review

Coastal Housing encourages local agencies to approve well-designed, appropriately-located housing projects that meet the housing needs of our local workers. Endorsement by our Project Review Committee is one of the ways we advocate for the creation of appropriate work force housing.

Residential Project Evaluation Guidelines

The Coalition encourages both ownership housing and rental housing, due to the shortage of housing existing in our community. For projects that meet the general criteria set forth by Coastal Housing Coalition and which otherwise meet the approval of the Project Evaluation Committee, the Coastal Housing Coalition will consider publicly endorsing new residential development before appropriate public bodies. This may take the form of a letter of support, or where it is believed that the development proposal meets the goals of Coastal Housing Coalition in an outstanding manner, public appearances by the Coastal Housing Coalition members or staff will be provided.

  • Projects should be submitted to the Coastal Housing Coalition by request of the project proponent at least 5 weeks prior to public hearing to allow the item to be scheduled for approval by the Coastal Housing Coalition Board of Directors, which meets on the second Monday of the month.
  • Application to the Project Evaluation Committee shall not be interpreted as imposing on the Coastal Housing Coalition an obligation to approve any endorsement request. To proceed with review by the Project Evaluation Committee, please review the Coalition’s Project Evaluation Criteria and fill out the Project Application.

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