Sample Letter

Below is an example of an effective letter to send to elected officials to support Voices for Housing.

The Honorable Sarah Jones, Council member City of Bella Vista

Dear Supervisor Jones:

I am writing to you to ask your support of a proposed housing development coming before your Board for approval on September 15th, 2007. The Main Street project will provide much-needed residences affordable to local workers who have been forced to commute long distances to their jobs due to the lack of housing in our community. Your support of this project is critically needed, and I’m looking to you for the leadership our City needs to help correct the current imbalance between jobs and housing.

While there has been a great deal of opposition to this project, and to the question of increased housing, in general, I urge you and your Board colleagues to consider at least two of the advantages that this local workforce housing project will provide. First, the Main Street project is situated close to public transportation and the city’s amenities so that its residents’ vehicles will be less likely to add to the growing congestion of local streets and highways. Second, this project will allow the city to stem the loss of young, middle income adults who have had to find housing at growing distances from their jobs here. I hope you agree that losing a vital part of our population is a concern for the future well-being of our city, and that providing appropriate housing is the only way to insure that we remain a healthy and thriving community.

Please support this much-needed project – your positive vote and leadership are critically important in this matter. I plan on attending the September 15th hearing to testify, and I and my friends look forward to seeing you there.


Madelyn Albright 1234 Mill Street Bella Vista