Santa Barbara Housing Conference Workshops on April 10

The Santa Barbara Housing Conference is on April 10, 2015, 8:30am – 3:30pm at 100 E. Carrillo Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. This year's theme is “Housing Needs & Opportunities Revealed”

The Conference Workshops are below.  You can register online.  See you there!

Plenary session We will hear (and discuss with a panel) a report of the CHC-commissioned study of employer and employee attitudes, needs and possible solutions to the South Coast’s affordable workforce housing crisis.

1. The Coming Wave – Meeting the Growing Housing Needs of Seniors How the housing needs of the impending “senior tsunami” will be met and how it impacts our need for affordable workforce housing is the topic of this workshop.

2. Millennials and New Housing Trends This workshop will explore the housing desires and trends of the “millennial generation”, and discuss what sort of first housing young people want to move into, including urban living and possibly shared or co-operatively owned housing.

3. Housing and Health There is a strong and interdependent relationship between housing, health and the environment; at least three facets of this relationship will be explored in this workshop.

4. Urban Infill and Compact Development/City of Santa Barbara Average Unit-Size Density (AUD) Incentive Program The City of Santa Barbara’s new Average Unit Density (AUD) Program will be discussed by a City planner, architects of current projects and by a design review board member – followed by an open general discussion.

5. Innovative Models for Employer Sponsored Housing This workshop will explore how the Santa Barbara’s AUD incentive program has created opportunities for employer-sponsored housing and will examine innovative development models to help developers and employers create the partnerships necessary get the units on the ground.

6. South Coast Housing Element Implementation: How are we Encouraging Development of Workforce Housing? This workshop will provide an overview of how South Coast communities are implementing State mandated Housing Elements.